Something I wrote when I originally made this blog and abandoned it three years ago:

The earliest memory I have was when I was three. I remember it as this: my mother and I went to a place that looked like a mall with stairs up into tall buildings. But I found out later, that I remembered this far more wrong than thought. The building was actually in a parking lot and not as nearly luxurious as a mall.

It’s funny how things happen like this; they become clearer as you become older. Writing was like this for me, and I imagine for most. None of it make sense and then, eleven years of education later, it’s all obvious.

(My writing has even improved since I wrote that post.)

Originally I planned to use this to display my fictional work (mostly from completing NaNoWriMo). My goal with this was to get some feedback and suggestions, but mainly just to get readers. Maybe I will follow up with that on a separate page, when I have some extra time in the summer… Now this is my blog of political theory meeting political practicality. I’m interested in hearing feedback and your opinions of what I discuss in my posts. I encourage you to give me your political views of my posts and I will do my best to respond with an open mind.

Enjoy my political nonsense that will come in my first post today or tomorrow!


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