My pen-name is Jaslyn Balthazar, and I’m a writer.

This is my blog of political theory meeting political practicality.  I will be writing about current events and movements that are in the world and relating this to political theories. I am a political Science (pre-law) undergraduate student at my state’s university, where I’ve learned quite a lot on this subject. My goal is to make this interesting, even if you do not meet my political views or do not like politics.

Originally I planned to use this to display my fictional work (mostly from completing NaNoWriMo), so maybe I will follow up with that on a separate page. My goal with this would be to get some feedback and suggestions along the way, but mainly just to get readers. Maybe I can pursue that when I have some extra time in the summer. Otherwise I’m interested in hearing feedback and your opinions of what I discuss in my posts. I encourage you to give me your political views of my posts and I will do my best to respond with an open mind.

About the Author:

I’m in my college years as a twenty year old living in the United States. My hobbies range through many of the arts: ballet, sewing, crafting, and of course writing. I also enjoy memes, Netflix, video games, and other things of the sort. My interests are together a much larger list so I’ve compiled some more below, and will had on to this as I write my blog:

  • Christianity
  • Philosophy
  • Nature
  • Scientific Advancement
  • Logic
  • Rhetoric
  • Learning
  • Midwifery
  • Equality
  • Anime
  • Lolita Fashion…

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